Team in Rome: Marco Binotto – sociologist


Researcher at the Faculty of Political Science, Sociology, Communication where he teaches cultural and communication processes applied to science and health and Communication of rights and active citizenship.

He holds a degree in Sociology and a PhD in Communication Sciences.

At the Department of Communication and Social Research of the Sapienza University of Rome, he deals with social communication and the third sector, the public sphere and the media representation of immigration, media activism and environmental communication.

Coordinates the Observatory on Social Communication ( and the Environmental Communication and Sustainability Observatory (Cambio). He coordinated the Etnequal Social Communication project on the media representation of immigrants in Italy, promoted as part of the Equal community initiative and a “survey on the use of communication tools in third sector organizations”, carried out within the inter-university research project of relevant national interest, co-financed by MIUR, “Beyond public opinion: communicative architecture and new social space”.

He published Comunicazione sociale 2.0 (Nuova Cultura, 2010) e Pestilenze (Castelvecchi, 2000) and coordinated the research published in Conflitti insostenibili. Malasanità in scena. Anatomia di un “caso mediale” (Nuova cultura, 2011), FuoriLuogo. L’immigrazione e i media italiani (Pellegrini/Rai-ERI, 2004), Violenza Mediata. Il ruolo dell’informazione al G8 di Genova (Editori Riuniti, 2003) e Elezioni 2001. Descrizione di una battaglia mediale (Sossella, 2001).

At this time, he coordinates for the Department the national research projects on news, security, immigration and asylum in the Italian media connected to the Rome Charter Observatory.

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