Team in Rome: Claudia Quintieri – artist and writer


Claudia Quintieri was born in Rome on 09/03/1975. She graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome in Literature and Philosophy with a specialization in History of Contemporary Art. She’s an artist, writer and journalist. She published the two books La voglia di urlare in 2012 and E così la bambina è caduta in 2014. She works in the magazines Inside Art and art a part of cult (ure). Her artistic research focuses mainly on video art. Her path is characterized by the diversity of stylistic expressions. In fact, depending on the specificity of the project, it uses the video medium appropriately to the concept it wants to express. The first artistic experiences date back to 2001. The making of videos is widely thought out, the works she produces are accompanied by a long gestation. Use various techniques that interact with the work in a manner appropriate to the chosen message. Within a variegated conceptual line, the main theme on which questions are asked is identity. She has written various critical texts on visual artists.

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