Silvia Morandi: performing art


Performative research: the place and the body 

Silvia Morandi applies her own research into performative languages within a practice that embraces cinema, theatre and dance. 

She loves to dissolve the boundaries between art and life and devote herself to an area of totalising experimentation. 

By referring to diversified contexts, she is able to grasp the reflection of private, social and political situations in the intimate lives of people. 

In the context of site-specific projects, the place is the origin of research: investigating the relationship between the body and the environment in which it functions, Silvia Morandi draws on a form of listening that amplifies the sensorial dimension of presence. By varying the forms and dynamics of her interaction with the elements, the performer defines a nocturnal setting of risk and mental oscillation. 

Included in the physical space of the action, the public shares, witnesses and co-generates the vibrations of the venue together with the artist. 


She graduated in Modern Literature in Trento. 

Born in Bolzano, she approaches the study of theater and gradually integrates the study of contemporary dance since adolescence. 

Her work as actress and performer has been deeply influenced by the studio inside the Professional Artist Program with Dominique de Fazio, heir of the teaching of Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio in New York. 

At the same time she incorporates her own path through the study of Contemporary Dance and Body Mind Centring. 

She was awarded the Diploma of Dance Therapy by Art Therapy in Bologna. 

Selected Works Macro Asilo, Rome (2019), Artperforming Festival, by Art self energy/Officine Forte Marghera (Ve) (2019), Tief Kollektiv/Profondo Collettivo1,2, Bolzano (2019) and Glorenza (Bz) (2018), The Magikal Charm Experimental Video and Film Fest, New York (2018), Undarkfest Ekaterinburg, Russia (2018), TRAM, Teatro della Limonaia by Company Blu, Sesto Fiorentino (Fi) (2018), Artperformingfestival/Contemporary Art Museum Matino (Le) (2018), Ignorarte/Habicura, Rome (2018) LanaLive,(Bz) (2018), Rodolfo Bisatti/Kineo Film (2018), La FuNdiciOn Bilbao, Spain (2018), AlpsMove (2013/2018), Officina delle Zattere, Venice, (2014), Oriente Occidente/Danz‘è, Rovereto (Tn) (2014) Hotel Bogotà, Berlin (2013), Merano Arte, Merano (Bz) (2013) Hotel Eurocenter, Lana, (Bz) (2013), Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, Andreas Prochaska, Allegro Film/X Filme Creative Pool, Rai Cinema, Offside, Celluloid Dreams (2013) 

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